Time to Rebrand?
A Quiz to Find Out.

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to help grow sales quickly and cost-effectively. We spend our days analyzing CTRs, KPIs, AI trends, quarterly reports and more in effort to gain a competitive edge. Here’s an idea—step back and make sure your brand is truly positioned and executed for success. Here is a quick quiz to help you determine if now is the time to rebrand.

  1. Are you wrestling with a significant business problem, and could a revitalized brand help solve it? A business problem is most often linked to growth, revenue, profit, stability, and efficiency challenges.
  2. Is there a trigger event precipitating the need for a brand refresh? This might include “new normal” realities, a new strategic direction, untapped and growing markets that you want to pursue, new product and services, emerging trends, competitor strikes—and more.
  3. Is your brand positioned for success in the market? Is it based on something that it does best relative to competitors AND that matters enough to your primary target to drive action? In other words—will it pass the “so what and who cares test?”
  4. Is your current brand expression relevant to your target, easy to understand, unified across channels and ultimately engaging, compelling? Does it break through the noise, get noticed and drive sales? Or is it tired and costing you money?
  5. Do you have a clear strategy for how to leverage your current brand across digital channels such as video, email, content, and social and more to build business?
  6. Is your current brand strategy internalized? Is it linked to your business objectives, embedded across your organization’s value chain, evangelized by managers, woven into key meetings, and demonstrated daily by the staff?

As Nicholas Ind says in Living the Brand, “It is the collective power of individuals in an organization that ultimately provides and sustains a competitive advantage.”  Make sure your people are aligned with and energized by your brand.

Is it time to consider a rebrand? If you answered 1 (yes), 2 (yes), 3 (no), 4 (no), 5 (no), and 6 (no), then it’s likely time to invest in a rebrand and more importantly—the future of your business.  

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