Creatively solving
problems is at the heart
of everything we do.


Marketing strategy is a plan to focus your resources on the best opportunities for success. We don’t start with the solution; we start by helping you define the problem. Solving the right problem first is one of the keys to ensuring you are not wasting resources going down the wrong rabbit hole.

We customize our approach for clients and start by working with you to understand your situation.  This usually involves a SWOT analysis and a review of your audience, 4Ps, digital metrics—and more. Together, we help make sense of the data and use it to guide strategy development.

Based on the learning, the strategy may include traditional, digital, social media advertising and more to ensure we get the right message to the right audience at the right time, and help move the target from awareness to consideration, action, and ultimately, loyalty.

Business and Marketing Strategy Services

  • Detailed target, 4Ps, digital and SWOT analysis
  • Cutting edge research and digital footprint tracking
  • Customer personas and customer journey map development
  • Mapping out and executing the right message across all channels

If you want to add cutting edge strategy to your business plan, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

We see your brand as a competitive asset to help ensure long-term, profitable growth. Investing in your brand is one of the best ways to guarantee it stays relevant in today’s dynamic and competitive market.

Depending on your situation, we can help position, shape, express and evolve your brand.  The foundation is a brand strategy or roadmap that establishes how you want to communicate your brand across all touchpoints.

Most often, we start with research to understand the brand’s current and desired state.

Our research includes input from consumers, influencers, and channel partners, as well executives, managers, frontline staff—and more. We explore their perceptions regarding the brand’s relative strengths and weaknesses and look for what is most relevant to the target and ownable in the market.

This learning informs the brand strategy in terms of the brand’s positioning, personality, tone and manner, and visual expression including its logo, typography, iconography, colour palette, and imagery treatments.

Brand Strategy Services:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Internal and external research
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategic brand look and feel planning including logo, typography, iconography, colour palette and imagery approach
  • Strategic brand tone planning including voice, writing style and key word development

If you want to invest in brand strategy that lasts the test of time, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

Finding Your Audience

The average person spends over six hours a day with digital media. Factor in exposure to traditional forms of advertising and you have a consumer that is literally being swarmed by marketing 24/7.

Finding your best audience, getting your message in front of them, and doing this at an allowable cost, is one of the most difficult jobs in Marketing.

Our approach is fact based and data driven. We advocate for your brand and negotiate hard to ensure your media investment goes further.

We don’t look for the expedient solution. We don’t try to sell you media properties we represent. Our team is independent and unbiased, our rigorous planning process is entirely focused on ensuring Clients meet and exceed their performance KPIs.

Our planning tools include third party research and data providers including: Ecopia, Facebook IQ, Numeris, Nielsen, Oracle Blue Kai, Experian, AWS Data and Vividata, to name just a few.

Campaign performance is monitored daily and buys are continually being optimized to maximize results. Every media buy receives a comprehensive post campaign analysis.

Media Services

  • Media Audit
  • Audience Research
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Media Pricing Negotiations
  • Post-Buy Reporting

If you are looking to untangle the complexity of how digital and traditional media can work together to achieve optimal client success, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

The Future of Media Buying and Selling is Now

Close to 70% of online ad inventory is now bought using a Programmatic platform. While the prevalence of Programmatic is undeniable, understanding the true value and context of how Programmatic platforms work, remains a mystery for many advertisers.

The intersection of technology and marketing has never been simple; technologists, marketers and human beings, for the most part, think and speak different languages. Programmatic is surrounded by ad technology jargon, which is fundamentally exhausting to navigate.

In an effort to set the record straight and debunk the many myths that shroud this powerful marketing tool, we have prepared a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions we encounter.

Q. What is Programmatic?

A. The automated buying and selling of advertising inventory; it is done in real-time through an automated bidding system.

Q. What is the benefit of Programmatic?

A. Placing the right message, at the right time, in front of the right audience. As an example, if you have recently searched for lawn furniture, and are subsequently served ads for lawn furniture as you browse your favourite news site, you are being served programmatic ads.

Q. What is the difference between $6 cost per thousand (CPM) vs $18 or $24 CPM?

A. There are a lot of vendors selling Programmatic and not all are created equal. For example, at $6 CPM you are paying for cheap impressions and a low click rate. At $20 or $30 CPM, you are either executing a very specific, data intense buy, or you are being charged too much.

We charge a fair CPM and we guarantee the results. Our rate includes 3rd Party Data, daily monitoring, location specific targeting and monthly analytics reporting. We measure what matters to your business; including click-thru rates, time-on-site, bounce rate, store visits and sales conversion.

Q. Is Programmatic available just for digital display advertising?

A. You can now use Programmatic to buy Display, Outdoor, Radio and Television. Wherever there is a data source, programmatic can be applied.

Q. Is Programmatic a good way to target mobile web browsers?

A. Programmatic is one of the best ways to target individuals who use their cellphone for web browsing, which is basically everyone. Customers can be targeted when they are using an app; we can also target precise geographic locations, and retarget them later, when they are on their tablet or desktop. We can also tell you if someone who saw and/or clicked on an ad, came into your retail location.

Q. How does Programmatic know if I am reaching the right demographic?

A. Programmatic done correctly uses behavioural data. If someone has provided a data point that suggests they are interested in your product or business category, we target them with a message. This approach takes the subjectivity out of media placement and ensures the budget invested in marketing is not being wasted on uninterested audiences.

Q. What makes H2’s Programmatic offering better?

A. Programmatic Advertising is complicated; our digital leaders are very experienced at walking clients through the ins and outs of making Programmatic work.

H2 is licensed on five different trading desks, which means we have more tools available to maximize the return on advertising spend. Most Programmatic vendors are licensed on one trading desk and push their own media properties. We are beholden to no one except our clients, and the choices we make represent only the best interests of those whose marketing spend we represent.

We have built proprietary data pools across many business categories. This data insight is predictive of future success; it also allows us to build strategies for clients that we know from the start are going to work.

Programmatic Services

  • Data Management Strategy
  • Digital Display, Television, Radio Advertising
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Location Based Targeting
  • Monthly Reporting

If you are interested in learning how Programmatic can benefit your business, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

Approaching your content strategically instead of reactively ensures that it will strengthen your brand, accelerate your business, and help you reach your goals.

A robust content strategy will pay dividends. No matter the brand, it is a key part of any marketing plan. The strategy behind the development and execution of your social media and paid media content is what sets you apart from your competitors.

When developing a strategy, our team steps back first and asks, “what content should we create, and why? How much content should we produce? Where should it go? How will the audience engage with it?”

Identifying and solving your audience’s unique problems is at the heart of content strategy.

We work with you and your business to identify the specific goals your content needs to meet, and through rigorous strategy, we make it happen.

Content Strategy & Execution Services:

  • Data and research interpretation
  • Strategic content creation guidance
  • Detailed analysis of audience engagement and sentiment
  • Audits on existing social media and paid media content

If you want an intricate and detailed content strategy that delivers the exact results you’re looking for, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

The Power of Numbers

In 2020, the question isn’t whether you need to do digital advertising, but are you doing it correctly?

Done right, Digital Marketing makes small budgets look bigger and allows brands to find new customers they never knew existed.

From the moment a prospect hears about your brand, to the point of research, purchase and post-purchase, a customer creates opportunities of influence for digital advertisers.

Taking a traditional approach to marketing and overlaying some digital tactics or technologies misses the point.

The information a customer needs when learning about your brand is decidedly different to the product details they are researching prior to purchase.

Our process maps out the Customer Journey, detailing the type of information your customers are looking for at each stage of purchase consideration.

Journey Mapping isolates digital advertising tactics by coordinating content to ensure all communication works together to convert prospect to customer.

Every activity we do is measurable, and we love our numbers. Impressions are okay, but there is no skill in generating them, all you need is money.

There is power in numbers; our digital advertising tactics provide us truth, learning and insights. Every tactic we use, every buy we make, we track the numbers and report the results back to our clients.

Our benchmarks for success are Cost-per-Conversion, Cost-per-Lead, Time-on-Site, Bounce Rates, Click-to-Calls and overall customer engagement. Data backed metrics that predict future sales and keep our clients very happy.

Unlike media vendors or smaller vendors, we offer a full suite of Digital Advertising services including:

  • Programmatic Advertising – Display, Television, Radio, Native
  • Search Engine Marketing / Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Content Planning & Development
  • Paid Social
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital Research

If you are interested in learning more about Digital Advertising or one of these specific services, drop us a line or call us at 250-385-3244.

Optimizing Online Customer Experiences

An old or poorly designed website is bad for business. In a bricks and mortar world, it is akin to poor customer service or having a dirty and cluttered retail environment.

Website Users expect their online experiences to work smoothly and efficiently.

In an era of product parity, organizations are recognizing the importance of delivering a customer experience that sets them apart from their competition. In fact, research indicates that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator and influencer of future sales.

For organizations of all sizes, having a website designed to maximize the experience of the customer is a mandatory first step in improving business performance.

H2’s website development process is centred around utilizing best practices of User Experience Design. We work in a consultative manner with our clients, matching their business objectives with the informational needs of their customers.

Our websites are developed using WordPress, the content management system that powers 34% of the world’s websites. WordPress is highly customizable and very flexible, which makes it easy for clients to manage their content needs on an ongoing basis. WordPress also delivers outstanding SEO benefits due to its clean and easy-to-read code structure that optimizes each page, image and post.

Web Services

  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Copywriting
  • Development
  • Training & On-Going Technical Support
  • Cloud Hosting

If your website isn’t delivering an optimal customer experience, drop us a line and we would be happy to sit down and talk about how we can help.

Video drives engagement and it drives results.

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest; all image driven and all representative of a growing social media and mobile viewing trend. Video and images are replacing the written word.

Recent research conducted by Zenith indicates 92% of Global Marketers currently market their products using video and 95% plan to increase their video spend.

Whether you need to do a product demonstration, an interview, a livestream event or video ads, video is a critical component of telling your brand story.

H2’s in-house Video Production team has expertise in developing promotional content, product demonstrations, broadcast commercials and social media content. If you live on Vancouver Island, you’ve probably seen our work.

Video Production Services

  • Concept Development
  • Script Development
  • Casting
  • Cinematography and Still Image Production
  • Post-Production, Editing, Sound Design, Motion Graphics

If you’re looking for a new way to tell your brand story, then contact us to discuss how video can bring your brand alive.