Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness

Sharing the Story
of Aboriginal

We were asked by the Mayor of Victoria to help develop a video to assist ACEH of Greater Victoria tell its story to increase understanding, empathy and support for the underfunded and over-worked organization.

Working closely with Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi and her team, we developed a list of people who would help others understand the issues, care about the people and ultimately recognize that ACEH is our best chance for hope and healing. From this starting point, we then worked with ACEH to help tell a fuller story and gather even more support. We have now developed an inventory of rich, thought-provoking videos.

Results: In the words of Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi: ”The videos have proven critical in our ability to access funding and have been used in reports, presentation and fundraisers and we are certain they played a role in our success in obtaining financial support.”

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