Tourism Nanaimo

Helping The Harbour City
Become a Tourism Hub
For The Island

Tourism Nanaimo reached out to H2 Accelerator for a strategic rebranding, the goal of which was to achieve a cohesive, refreshed look for the City.  H2 Accelerator created a campaign that highlighted the unique position the City has on Vancouver Island, with a concept speaking to all of the wonderful things that lie within reach and in every direction from Nanaimo: Discover your 360°.

H2 Accelerator created a story-driven website showcasing Nanaimo’s position as the hidden gem of Vancouver Island. Through social, digital and video the campaign highlighted the undiscovered delights only known to locals.

Results: This messaging, coupled with striking imagery, resulted in over 5,000 referrals to stakeholder websites. This contributed to an overall growth in occupancy and a $3.6 million increase in room revenue.