Taking Seafood In New Directions

Fathom Restaurant

The deeper down into the sea, the more exciting things get. It’s the same with flavours — the further into the unexplored, the more irresistible the result. Fathom is a unit of measurement used to explore the ocean’s depth. We hope you have an appetite for our latest work for Hotel Grand Pacific’s new restaurant, Fathom. Taking seafood in fascinating new directions and evolving classic favourites with a Korean influence, Fathom is a new addition to Victoria’s fine dining scene in the Inner Harbour.

The concept is fascinating, with a kitchen led by renowned Canadian chef Peter Kim and featuring an enticing Korean-inspired menu with many seafood options. The dated physical space received a complete overhaul — transforming it into a modern, open dining and lounge that complements the incredible views of the Inner Harbour. The fine dining restaurant scene is competitive in Victoria, with many excellent, well-established restaurants operating within a few blocks from each other. Our challenge was positioning Fathom as the restaurant to dine at when going out for a special meal in Victoria. 

The design communicates the restaurant’s elegance while still being approachable and modern. We created a blue gradient for the menu and collateral that gets darker from top to bottom, representing the ocean’s depths. We also used simple patterns to look like waves and topographic ocean maps. We anchored the logo at the bottom, symbolizing the delicious seafood ingredients found in our menu. For the website, we wanted it to be clean, beautiful and easy to navigate. We feature glimpses of the newly renovated dining room and lounge and professionally photographed entrees. Our goal was to excite and inform but not overwhelm. 

Fathom Coasters