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Gambling Support BC

The BC. Government provides British Columbians with free gambling information and resources to support informed choices and healthy behaviours through a program formerly known as BC Responsible and Problem Gambling. Unfortunately, most British Columbians don’t know this and are only familiar with the more limited program from the BC Lottery Corporation, which oversees all casino, lottery and online gaming in BC. The ministry understood they needed a new brand—including a name and visual identity—to increase awareness and to make the program more relevant to those in BC looking for a more positive relationship with gambling.

Gambling can be heavily stigmatized, so the first challenge was to find a name free from judgment. In looking for a concise, descriptive and yet inclusive name, we arrived at Gambling Support BC. We wanted to emphasize the importance of open two-way communication for logo design. The logo features a clean design of two speech bubbles to show that positive outcomes require a respectful dialogue between those seeking and those offering help.

The tone of all communications is supportive and respectful. To open the conversation, the language is positive, caring, helpful and non-judgemental. The colour palette communicates stability and balance with a lightness that creates a sense of optimism. For imagery, we see people who are positive and natural yet not celebratory or joyful. For those who might know they need gambling support, it is important to show thoughtfulness, compassion, and understanding. The photographs also represent BC’s cultural landscape and feature people of different ethnicities and ages.


Gambling Support BC was pleased with the rebranding process and outcome and is currently developing materials that reflect the new brand approach. 

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