Together, Let's Do Great Things

Coastal Community Credit Union

Born here, brought here, retired here, or always dreamed of being here. Islander’s are here because we want to be. From Sooke to Port Hardy, whether we’re catching a fish or grabbing fish and chips at the wharf. We’re all here because we love it here.

And we’re here to achieve things: to turn an idea into a business, to find a home and make it our own, and to grow our families in a green place that’s never far from the sea. And since money is part of every life, people want to see the money they earn and save put back to work here. Because it makes all of us stronger. For over 70 years, Coastal Community Credit Union has helped the people of Vancouver Island take care of their money, build their communities and reach their dreams. 

Coastal Community Credit Union
Together, let’s do great things.


Just released into market the campaign appears to be an outstanding success!

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