Together, Let's Do Great Things

Coastal Community Credit Union

For over a decade, Coastal Community Credit Union has used the rallying cry “Together, Let’s Do Great Things” as its tagline. Our challenge was to find a way to unpack the meaning of the line fully. 

While Coastal Community has served Island communities for over 75 years, we wanted to bring this long connection to the people of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to life. Visually, we created our own library of Island-based images to reflect the people of the Island back to themselves and to avoid the “could be anywhere” look of stock photography.

We also created a new campaign line: “It’s Why We’re Here.” This highlights the reason Coastal Community exists—to serve its member’s financial needs and support their lives as fellow Islanders. Coastal Community is not here to benefit shareholders; they’re here for their members: people who share the same values and life experiences.

It also reminds people that Coastal Community is here to make life better for everyone on the Island. In other words, to do great things, together.


Just released into market the campaign appears to be an outstanding success!

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