Sarahuaro Foundation

Helping Mothers
Become Stronger
and Self-Sufficient

Based on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, the Sarahuaro Foundation helps to raise money to support young, single, mainly teenaged mothers. Per capita, teen pregnancy in the area is one of the highest in the world. These young women live in extreme poverty, many do not finish high school or learn job skills, and violence against women and children is extremely high. As a result, the children are undernourished and often go hungry. Since women are the main caretakers in the traditional Mexican family, changing a woman’s self-image and knowledge base will break the cycle of these culturally ingrained patterns. We were asked to help tell Sarahuaro’s story in a compelling manner to increase understanding and support for the cause. After considerable pre-prep and planning, we travelled to the Baja and created a series of compelling videos, revitalized the brand, and developed a new website.

Results: Since the launch of the new website and videos, the Sarahuaro Foundation has seen steady growth in awareness and has held a series of successful fundraising events.

Website Design and Development

Business Card Design

Fundación Sarahuaro - Our Story