It's Time To Shine

Sunshine Coast Tourism

For Spring 2022, Sunshine Coast Tourism wanted an activation campaign to inform Canadian urbanites that an unforgettable getaway was right next door. With people feeling hopeful the pandemic was finally drawing to a  close, we wanted to create an overarching concept that was positive and energetic. “It’s Time to Shine,” is a declaration that highlights the beautiful location and all the amazing activities you can enjoy there. A gentle reminder that it’s time to engage in our passions and go for it once again. By showcasing the incredible array of outdoor activities, arts & culture, dining options and relaxing destinations that visitors can experience against a breathtaking backdrop, we created a highly visual campaign using imagery of the Sunshine Coast that immediately resonated with our audience. With much of the campaign running online and on social media, we wanted something more engaging and exciting in the real world. To achieve this, we chose a high-traffic transit shelter in downtown Vancouver that literally lights up and shines as pedestrians activate a hidden motion detection device. We also created transit bus sides with reflective material that make the headline and selected graphic elements shine when hit by passing headlights.

The digital online components alone were responsible for over 4 million impressions, with a click rate of over 25,000. Our high-profile transit shelter stunt was responsible for over 5 million impressions and created a substantial amount of talk value, and transit bus kings received over 6 million impressions. Sunshine Coast Tourism is pleased with its ROI and verified visit metrics with strong visibility and the link between digital ads and click-through rates.

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