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Victoria Police Department

The Victoria Police Department (VicPD) needed a recruitment campaign to attract experienced officers. There were two main challenges the VicPD faced in terms of enrollment: the high cost of living in Victoria that potential candidates would face and recruits having their choice of four different police departments in the region. However, there are also some great reasons to join the Victoria Police Department, including opportunities in specialty units such as the Special Victims Unit and living in a tight-knit community that offers the excitement of big city policing. Our goal was to entice recruits that a career with the Victoria Police Department provides a fulfilling career in the country’s most beautiful places to live.


To get potential recruits excited about working with the Victoria Police Department from all over the country, we showcased Victoria’s incredible lifestyle. We used imagery showcasing not only the outdoor adventures officers can enjoy on their time off but also on the job — an aspect unique to being a police officer in a city like Victoria. We used actual photos of officers on and off duty, giving the campaign authenticity. While we made the officers the focal point, we ensured the background portrayed the area’s natural beauty. We kept copy concise — communicating how a career with the Victoria Police Department offers a fulfilling life. For the overall design, we used a simple aesthetic that complemented photos of current officers and featured the Victoria Police Department’s brand colours in an attention-grabbing yet approachable way.


With fresh police academy students preparing to join the force in late 2022 and a strong response to our Canada-wide recruiting drive, the  Victoria Police Chief is optimistic for 2022.

Victoria Police Department Photography
Victoria Police Department Outdoor Ad