Vancouver Film School

Growing Enrolment
Cost Effectively

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a world renown entertainment arts post-secondary education institution offering 13 diverse one-year programs. Each program has four to six intakes per year, attracting students from over 30 countries. The life blood of the school is its ability to generate a steady stream of quality candidates at the optimal cost per lead and cost per acquisition (student enrollment).

Faced with declining enrollment and escalating student lead and acquisition costs, VFS hired John Hall to conduct a business audit with an emphasis on marketing process and activity. Extensive stakeholder interviews, data inputs and a review of content messaging illustrated a need for a renewed marketing strategy.

A Student Journey Map was developed to demonstrate the unique information needs of different student segments to help them move from awareness to consideration, information seeking, applying to VFS and ultimately, enrolling. This then informed the development of a robust 12-month strategy that included live stream teaching events, industry showcase nights, informational open houses, e-newsletters and alumni and student creations featured in blog and video formats. Google Ads, programmatic advertising and paid social supplemented all content activity.


  • Increased enrolment for summer programs by 20%.
  • Increased the number of attendees at cross-Canada open house events by 25%.
  • Lowered cost per lead by 23%, and increased conversion to enrolment rate by 40%.
  • Helped increase 14-consecutive months of year-over-year increased revenue.
  • Marketing enabled two Advisors to reach one million in monthly sales for the first time in the school’s history.
  • Helped increase sales by over 35% over a 24-month period.