Tourism Nanaimo

Nanaimo has a laid-back, unpretentious, funky vibe. It’s easy to get to, not crowded, affordable, walkable and has a wide range of cool things to do and see. It has that nostalgic 90’s laid back vibe, find a place to pull a seat up, meet people, hear a band, etc. Nanaimo offers more to visitors; it offers the unexpected. There’s so much more than meets the eye, so we created a campaign theme, ‘Naniamore.’ 

Nanaimo? More like Nanaimore. More culture, with art galleries, an exciting theatre scene, live music, and museums. More adventures, with island hopping to Gabriola and Saysutshun, great biking and hiking trails, and whale-watching excursions. More shopping and food options in an eclectic downtown, with three districts to choose from — the Arts District, the Old City Quarter and the Waterfront District — all offering a unique vibe. More space to yourself, more people like you, more reasons to make the trip.


By tracking verified visits directly attributed to the campaign, we know it is working tremendously well.