Burnout in the workplace: COVID’s next wave

When it comes to our mental health, our careers can be a real force for good. Having a sense of productivity and making meaningful contributions can boost our sense of agency and well-being. But as many of us know too well, work can get stressful and, if not properly managed, can have a negative effect on our mental well-being.

In Canada, about 30 percent of short- and long-term disability claims are attributed to mental health problems and illnesses. No workplace or job sector is immune from mental health issues, so broadening our understanding is essential. Leaders can influence a healthy workplace environment by having an open-door policy, keeping employees informed of developments, departmental changes, business goals, and policies. These provide direction, build trust, and reduce employee stress.

On June 20th, as part of H2’s Accelerated Thinking Series, we invited Maria Weaver — Associate Director of Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion, Canadian Mental Health Association, to discuss mental health in the workplace. Watch the video below to hear Maria speak candidly about how remote work has affected mental health issues at the workplace, the relationship between mental health at home and in the workplace, and how to approach someone who might be struggling.

You can watch the short video here:

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