Camosun College

Confidence with
Digital Concept Testing

After a city-wide search for an agency to help refresh its brand, Camosun College chose H2 Accelerator for the project.  Armed with quantitative usage and attitude research, H2 created a revitalized brand positioning that emphasized Camosun’s culture of innovative and “real world” education that prepares students for the future job market. At the heart of the agency’s strategic thinking was the belief that against a backdrop of uncertainty and technological acceleration, students would be drawn to a college where the needs of a changing world are not only understood but anticipated.

Three concepts were presented and tested online via our proprietary testing module prior to a final selection. Concepts were tested based on their ability to drive engagement in a variety of digital environments against a statistically reliable audience size.  Critical data points included click-through rates to the landing page and time spent on the landing page.

Ultimately, the concept and positioning line: “Change Faster” was selected with confidence based on the results of the testing. Change Faster was then brought to life across marketing materials that highlighted Camosun graduates in “futuristic” careers and positions.


  • We were able to clearly see how the concepts performed against different audiences in each market
  • “Change Faster” boasted a 25% higher overall click through rate than the other concepts
  • Those that clicked through spent twice as long interacting with the site than the next highest contender at 4:44 minutes

Concept Testing Digital Ads

Concept Testing Landing Page