Retail Marketing Innovation

Taking On Amazon
& Winning

The retail grocery market is hyper-competitive with super-slim margins and cut-throat competition. The efficacy of traditional marketing tactics such as weekly flyers are on the decline.

Our client, a mid-size grocery chain offering a high-end retail experience, their primary competition, Amazon’s Whole Foods.


Replace the traditional flyer with a technology-driven alternative capable of showcasing featured products, driving in-store sales, targeting competitive shoppers.


Utilize advanced location-based marketing techniques to engage shoppers currently visiting competitive retail locations.

Applying advanced data targeting and geo-fencing technologies, H2 targeted prospective customers who frequented Whole Foods and other competitors.

Competitive shoppers were identified and served ads featuring our Client’s promotional specials.


Our acquisition strategy attracted Whole Foods customers by the droves.

Specifically, Programmatic efforts attracted almost 700 new shoppers to our client’s store in a one-month period. Data tracking verified that all new shoppers had not visited our client’s store in the last 60 days.

Results Summary:

  • Programmatic advertising drove a click-through rate of over 1.5% (the average click-through rate for display ads is 0.11% according to Google)
  • The campaign enticed 5.8 % of targeted Whole Foods Customers to visit our clients store.
  • Our cost-per-acquisition was less than the cost of a small cup of coffee
  • Based on Canadian Grocer’s average receipt, our campaign generated an ROI of over 100:1 for our client

This case study demonstrates the power of retail marketing innovation and how it can level the playing field between companies of all size.